NZ corruption comp. results are in!.

  A number of organisations in NZ  have put in sterling efforts to take the top position in the NZ Corruption Competition but as usual just two stand out this year.
  They are both consistently corrupt…they’ll be stepping up for the glittering award ceremony to be held in Auckland the foreign entity in NZ.
  This year its a dead heat….The NZ Department of Immigration and the Fishing Industry are tied for first place….
  The CEO of Fishing NZ has touted his industry as having introduced slave labour and non prosecution of criminals stealing NZ fish for profit as the main plus points for the award.Also the massive bribes paid to executives in the fishing industry by “entities” from foreign companies.Then there are the bungs paid to MPs to look the other way while NZ fishing stock is pillaged.
  All in all the NZ Fishing industry is a prime candidate for corrupt conduct of the year.
  But let’s not forget the Immigration Department….senior immigration officials now have offshore bank accounts groaning with money….from “unknown” sources as financial criminals organise themselves a bolt hole in case things turn to custard abroad….Put it this way…you can now buy NZ citizenship if you have sufficient amounts of the folding stuff….
  When the news media says NZ has a low rate of corruption it is talking about middle management… Not the top level…where corruption is commonplace.Why do you think the Fishing Industry consistently avoids investigation by government authorities….
  Put it this way …if Bill English is prepared to fiddle expenses and steal NZ taxpayers money…then backhanders from the “right people” will be on the cards…and English is one of the less sophisticated assoles in parliament.
  The trophy received for winning the corruption competition is gold in colour and features a figure with a hand behind its back…
  Don’t expect the media to expose the corruption….serious intent by news editors would ensure that their careers come to a grinding halt….a quiet word in the back offices of some nameless organisation….you get the picture.

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