The Syrian boy on the seat propaganda war continues

  It was all over the media just recently a Syrian boy sitting in an ambulance injured by “vicious” bombing by ISIS or something.
  The photograph was plastered all over the show….
  As is usual in such cases once it served its purpose it was a case of “next atrocity please”.

  But ZOG of America was not finished yet!.
  The case has been wheeled out again.
  This time the Jewish controlled networks have found an American child who is offering to look after the Syrian boy AND he wrote to Obama about it.
  Superb propaganda which implies the American government cares about Syrians….never mind the fact that during the illegal war against Iraq thousands of such children were killed by American forces.
  Americans fall for this schmaltzy bullshit…they’re suckers for it….as far as they’re concerned America is a force for good trying to bring peace to the region and elsewhere around the world.
  Yeah right,how about those Vietnamese children running down a road fleeing a Napalm bombing…. in sheer terror….
  The internet has alerted people to the reality of the situation in Syria BUT only if Americans make the effort.
  What percentage actually do would be interesting to know…certainly not anywhere the numbers that watch the Kardashians..just for example.
  The networks certainly won’t be showing children who have been blown apart by American bombing….or what about whole families massacred by the American government…
  The American Zionist occupied government now routinely uses children in its propaganda….not because it cares about the welfare of the children but rather because such images have a powerful effect….unless of course the children have been targeted by American forces.

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