Ideology and BBC history doco’s

  Their are some prime offenders who attempt to introduce political correctivism into their documentaries… The leading contender is Mary “bag lady” Beard….who is most likely a Jew.
  Mary is actually stark raving bonkeroony…which perhaps accounts for her bizarre appearance.
  Long lank unkempt hair is her trademark..another is her peculiar habit of wearing basketball boots…which could be explained by saying she may be locked into a 70’s time warp…when she was a student.
  In her doco about the Roman empire….it becomes very obvious early on that she is running a pro third world immigration scam…That is ancient Rome had immigrants “right from the beginning”…. or ” you could become a citizen of Rome even if you had never lived there”.
  This is all very well…but Rome collapsed didn’t it.Unlike the Chinese civilisation which existed around the same time of Rome.Unlike Rome…the Chinese are still going strong…
  Rome collapsed because it was not sufficiently isolated from other peoples.The ancient Egyptian civilisation was able to “collapse”  and survive but because of isolation it was able to rebuild itself without being overrun by enemies…
  The West is definitely on course for a similar collapse…it is corrupt at the top just like ancient Rome.
  The governments of the leading western countries are now in the hands of a hostile minority ethnic group…who are importing millions of alien immigrants etc etc etc.Like ancient Rome this situation could initiate civil war….sorry WILL initiate civil war.
  History documentaries are no place for ideologies of any kind…and that includes leftist political correctness…promoted by a fruitcake…like Mary “stark raving” Beard.
  The PC cunts who have taken over the BBC need to be given the chop with a Roman short sword.

  The BBC natural history doco “Africa”…..on the other hand is the very best quality wildlife documentary in the world…but then again it is hard to introduce PC into such a doco and ruin it in the process.
  In their search for political correctness the BBC Cunts at the Top are prepared to lose millions of pounds of public money by sacking Jeremy Clarkson….They now have replaced him with an American TV Jew from a sitcom!…boring but totally reliable. Political correctness will now overlay the new Top Gear programme.

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