Theresa May getting a makeover

  The articles “remodelling” May are a clever exercise in propaganda….they are attempting to portray May as having been against third world immigration…its all complete nonsense of course…she is depicted as someone who is battling against pro immigrant forces within her party.
  Meantime the invaders continue to arrive in Britain…in increasing numbers.
  Another trick the newspapers use is telling the public that illegal immigrants are being intercepted….without mentioning that the Navy….having “intercepted” the immigrants then proceeds to bring them into Britain…..on orders from the government.
  The media is conspiring with the government to circumvent the public’s wishes to stop them entering Britain.
  The media also highlights demonstrators who are in favour of the invasion….never mentioning that the vast majority of people in Britain want the invasion stopped…only they don’t go out on the streets to say so.

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