Trump vs Hillary

  They have entered the ring and the carefully selected referee (part of the black high society “mafia”) is there to adjewdicate on the match.
  And…they’re going at it full tilt…the crowd watches with baited breath as Trump throws Hillary and attempts to shut her down with a headlock…Hillary spins Trump around and dumps him unceremoniously on his back….in a well executed move…the crowd goes wild..the bought and paid for black referee steps in and pulls the contenders apart….
  Both of these ” contenders” are crypto Jews batting for the same team… Global Jewry International Incorporated.
  Unusually it is easy to identify them as crypto Jews because BOTH OF THEIR OFFSPRING ARE MARRIED TO JEWS…This fact is in no way a coincidence.
  Which ever one of the cunts wins….here’s what you can say with absolute certainty…Israel will continue to steal billions and billions of aid money from the US economy. This will be the first time in history that the country giving the “aid” is actually poorer per capita than the country receiving the “aid”…. An absurd situation which can be readily understood by explaining that the Jews have America by the jugular and it will take a revolution to remove their stranglehold…and that’s not going to happen.The Department of Homeland Security was set up specifically to prevent this happening.All the CEO’s of the DHS have been Jews and once again this sure as hell is no coincidence.
  Meantime Americans can go back to watching the Kardashians (all Jews),come to think of it there are a lot of similarities between this garbage and the zio-garbage pretending to debate on the run up to the US presidential election….its a fucking joke.
  Americans might just realise it IS a joke in around another four years time….when the whole zio-circus is repeated.

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