Will Trumpstein throw the election

  Keep in mind Clinton is the candidate of choice for president for the zio-elite.
  They’ve already had “the first black president of the Younited states” routine…it seems highly likely they are going to go for a repeat by having “the foist woman president” of the USA”.
  Trump has stated that he will support Clinton 100% if she wins the election…which could be directed at his supporters in preparation for an impending loss.
  Trumps performance at the debate which actually wasn’t a debate…indicates the possibility that he is going to throw the election.
  If Americans vote for Clinton..then they are voting for more unceasing war…perhaps Americans are just too damn stupid to realise this.
  Not that it makes much difference….the same gang of criminals are still going to be pulling the strings whichever candidate wins.
  There is no doubt at all that Israel and the Jews who control Washington politics are ruining  the US…which is why,in the past Jews have been called “nation wreckers”.

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