Strange as it may seem I have had a remarkable series of coincidences…weird coincidences.

That is shots being loosed off in close proximity…..

At a prep school in leafy Surrey…at a youth hostel on the edge of London….at a lakeside in NZ….in a patch of forest in the South of NZ…and a couple of other spots around the globe.

One wonders perchance if this has anything to do with mentioning the unmentionable…the Jews.Maybe this would not have happened if the subject of killer Pygmies in downtown Congo was the focus.

Just to confuse the issue…the Jewish oligarchy has a range of methods to achieve their goals….currently I have a roving group of fucking non Jew morons hanging around.From this you can see how these fiends have turned the Middle East into a cauldron of infighting pitting the Jews enemies against each other…

So there might be a rational explanation for these gunshots (international)…or I could be suffering from the usual smorgasbord of cooked up psychological conditions….At least the Jewish run MI5 was responsible for the London effort.

So on the REALLY crucial issues…the only type of free speech is the Orwellian version….You COULD try the official channels….the outfits that are there to preserve your human rights….”Try before you Buy” is the motto here…since they DON’T FUCKING WORK.

The Police Complaints Authority in NZ is an absolute FARCE….a total irredeemable FARCE…where the people being complained about adjudicate on whether your claim is valid….What fucking nonsense this is.

The moronic PIG Derek Shaw stationed at the Alexandra Police Station is a good case in point.The gangster cops don’t like one of their gang members being highlighted…their response is to lie in waiting on New Years day,knowing I will be driving into town….nabbed…followed by an absolutely massive fine.The corrupt police officer Derek Shaw has even been caught illegally placing tracking devices on NZers vehicles.

So the elite will target you via the police hoping to turn political matters into criminal….

Of course the OAF Shaw is too much of a hick and far too confident of his invulnerabilty to believe he could be held to account.

Actually it is a far better strategy to “approach an oligarch” and tell him to get this criminal in order…after all he IS serving their interests.

Sorry,I object as a law abiding citizen of NZ to being bodily thrown out of a police station by a corrupt OAF who happens to be a serving member of the police…..

I also object to the NZ police contacting their counterparts in Europe to continue the harassment there….either there is freedom of movement and speech or people are going to find alternative means to ensure there is.

All this is a portent for the future…already you can see changes in NZ which should alert people to what is going on.

The Zionist Prime Minister of NZ…surrounds himself with a bodyguard of police brutes all too ready to barge NZ citizens off the street for daring to challenge their elected representative….but the gutless fucks won’t do that if they’re outnumbered.Jewish criminal merchant bankers steal hundreds of millions of dollars…which NOT coincidentally accompanies the huge rise of prostitution amongst young NZ women who are in turn being exploited by third world immigrants brought into NZ by the likes of Key.

The NZ SIS is recruiting many extra employees….So NZ is going to end up like the former Eastern Bloc countries..infested by the secret police.

In a Police State thugs in waiting like this Derek Shaw will have carte Blanche to do as they please….the perfect employee in FACT.”Truck murders” will be de rigueur…..oh hold on a minute…the NZ government has already tried it on!!.:

Note:Dr David Kelly the arms inspector DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE…although the media will tell you he did.He got in the way and Blair the war criminal had his mate’s murder him.Blair has the blood of thousands on his hands including British citizens.The media will NOT investigate.

If you want to see an example of what the media is REALLY like in NZ…you only need to tune into the Paul Henry Show once a week.

Once a week this neurotic Jew interviews John Key….well it’s NOT an interview,it is a promotional effort disguised as an interview….

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