Sickening sychophancy

The former terrorist and Jewish gangster (who actually looks like one of David Ickes lizards) Simone Peres has just croaked….and the world is a better place for it.

Apon his demise the Jew controlled western media….went into overdrive describing him as a great man…a statesman even.

You got sickening interviews with Bill Clinton…singing his praises….Theresa May could not step in fast enough to say what a great chap he was.

As is usual with any events connected with Israel….it was all a pack of lies and half truths.

Tv1 newsreaders heaped plaudits on the Jewish killer….not coincidentally….the newsreaders were Jews.Next they cut to an American news report on the subject.”the great man of Israel’s war of independence Shimon Peres.Very few people will know that the American reporter was a Jew.Nor will viewers question “the war of independence” quote….Independence of what exactly.

But the crucial element missing was Peres DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN THE QANA MASSACRE!!.

According to similar reports Peres worked toward a two state solution for Palestinians and Israelis.

ANOTHER FUCKING LIE…what these Jew cunts are ACTUALLY working toward is a greater Israel populated exclusively by Jews.Which means countries surrounding Israel are going to get the “Palestinian treatment” in the future…and while these lying sons of bitches control the U.S. …nobody is in the position to stop them. ….the shit I have experienced at their hands…is unbelievable….Yesterday I had a Jew cop follow me into a bank….just for example.

Ultimately they will destroy the West via mass immigration and huge financial fraud….it’s work in progress.


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