World leaders descend on Israel

They were there to see off Shlmon Peres the Jew killer and liar.

Remarkable the cunts didn’t show up for Margaret Thatchers funeral.

Prince Charles and Tony Blair were there….they are BOTH JEWS.Prince Charles has a relative buried in Jerusalem and was circumscribed by a rabbi.

Any casual perusal of the internet on the subject of Peres quickly reveals the MSM is lying its head off about the “great statesman” Peres….anyone with the slightest interest in Israel knows this….

At the head of the Anglican church in Britain is the crypto Jew Selby!….so it makes sense that one of the Windsor billionaires shows up.

Meantime the Jew editor of the Daily Mail is running incessant stories about Prince Willheim and his jewish wife and their Canada trip with loads of cutsie photographs of the Windsor hatchlings.

So a fairly well informed person will know the media is LYING about Peres…and that he was in fact just another Jewish murderer.What the public won’t know is anything at all about crypto jews….and the Jews centuries old practice of hiding their identity….like Welby and the Windsor mob.Eventually this knowledge will seep out into the public arena….that’s what happened in Spain….which resulted in a wide range of different names for Jews who hid their identity….like “Converso” meaning a Jew who falsely converts to Christianity… Welby of the Anglican church or Blair who pretends to be a Catholic…..or the circumsized fucking idiot Prince Charles (multi_billionaire)

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