Fascist like corporations

Quite a number of commentators have remarked apon this…that is the shift in Western countries from representative democracy to government by huge multinationals.

You can see this in the U.S….where elected “representatives” in government are there to serve the interests of the multinationals and banks.

The “representatives”  are well rewarded for their treacherous undermining of democracy…they are the the paid lackeys of the multinationals.

In NZ Vodaphone stands out as an example,the very worst example of the high handed business practices of the multinational.

For example….they make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from NZers but don’t see fit to employ NZers in their call centres.That function is shifted offshore to a third world country…the Phillipines.

Vodaphone has a very poor reputation in most of the countries it operates in.

There are large companies in NZ which have a good reputation..Mitre Ten for example or the Warehouse.Vodafone has a reputation at the opposite end of the spectrum.

If you have a faulty product from Mitre Ten…you can easily return it and get  a replacement or if warranted,a refund.

Don’t try this at Vodafone…the employees are instructed to make this as difficult as possible.The employees are instructed to prey apon customers and spin bullshit in order to get a sale.The company does special deals with manufacturers to push certain brands even if they know them to be crap….You could speculate Vodafone does the maximum to pay its employees as little as humanly possible without breaching employment regulations.

In short Vodafone is a right cunt of a company and if there was real competition…would be forced out of the market.

After tangling with these cunts previously…I experienced something which might not seem quite believable…even I did not put two and two together immediately.

I was walking back to my palatial home in the woods and a  couple of very loud shots rang out (very likely blanks)….I usually ignore this sort of shit…only subsequently did I realise that the sound of the shots emanated from the base of a cell phone tower in town!!.

So it looks like some section of the police were breaking the law again…on behalf of Vodafone of course….just the sort of thing you would expect in a fascist corporate run country.

Had I realised what this was about I would have increased comment on the foul business practices of these cunts….make that FUCKING CUNTS.

Vodafone no doubt get maximum support from the NZ government…well obviously they do….they send one of their fucking henchmen to do some terrorising of NZ citizens…only in my case it did not have the slightest effect…the only gunshots I’m concerned about are the ones that kill you and in that case it really doesn’t matter too much.

The gunshot routine has fallen off considerably because I’m living in town…too many witnesses to successfully get away with that shit…

Right I’m off to the police to complain about this!.

I was once at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwae and met a very pissed off older Zimbabwean ….he told me why he was angry…he had had his dwelling robbed.”Why don’t you report it to the police” I said….”It was probably them” he replied.

Today I know what he was talking about…only in Zimbabwae you might expect that since it is a third world country.


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