Is it a “conspiracy”

The German supermarket company LIDL(“surprisingly” Jewish owned since the Nazis were supposed to have murdered all the Jews in Germany wiz zer Gazzum chamberz)….entered the British supermarket business and it immediately had a profound effect on the profiteering British supermarket chains…TESCO’s (TESsaCOhen) is in deep financial trouble…just for example.

LIDL has now entered the Australian market….and it is probably too early to say what impact it will have.

The question is…why hasn’t the company decided to set up shop in NZ.Not that foreign companies are necessarily good thing.But LIDL is renown for providing good quality products of restricted range at fair prices.

To rely on the NZ media to investigate the details is a waste of time…there is a nice little unspoken agreement going on here….The NZ media is an appalling joke.

Either LIDL has decided the NZ market would not be profitable enough OR there could be a bit of a conspiracy going on between NZ supermarket chains and the NZ government….a conspiracy to shut out competition….that would effect the profits of NZ supermarket chains.(who have benefited enormously from all the cheap Labour imported from the third world)

Worth noting:The price of butter and milk in Germany is actually cheaper than NZ….how can that be when NZ specialises in the efficient production of dairy products AND the NZ climate does not include long harsh winter’s like they have in Northern Europe.Germans are also paid a whole lot more than NZers.

A possible answer to that question is…there is some very serious profiteering going on in NZ.

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