Grand Designs NZ

This tv show has a Jewish presenter and the owners of the houses being built are also Jews.

This is a good demonstration of how the Jews hidden networks operate.The Jews recognise each other as Jews but they are largely invisible to the average Kiwis.Thus they can practice their racism without anyone noticing…It all works well until the host population finally realises what is going on….

Once their population builds up and their influence grows they start setting themselves apart.The visible part of their population…the religious Jews,start to become ever more vocal.

The constant accusations of racism against the majority population come thick and fast.They use their total domination of the media  to attack the majority without hindrance.

Most Jews are not religious…but the religious part of the race wield considerable influence over the non religious…and they know not to cross them….otherwise they end up like the former world chess champion,Bobby Fischer…under siege and in serious financial straights.

Jews are the original racists…


Warning:If you are aware of their hidden power and innate racism…and speak of it….they WILL covertly target you,make no mistake about that…

Obviously the best response to this is to do the same to them.They really don’t like their own medicine.Don’t ever give them the opportunity to use the police against you….keep in mind…the current top policeman BUSH…is a crypto Jew.

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