Hungarians get referendum on alien immigration…

Question how is it that Hungarians get the chance to vote against their country being flooded with third world invaders…and Britain..”the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy” does not allow its citizens the same opportunity.

Easy….Britain is now controlled and ruled by Jews….even the biggest parasites of the lot…the Windsors are Jews (refer to the Jews in Spain…most of the Jews in Britain keep their identity well hidden…..crypto Jews)

It is the Jews living in Western countries who are entirely responsible for Commonwealth countries being flooded with immigrants from the four corners of the globe….It is a strategy to help them maintain their control over western countries…and in the process are DESTROYING THE COUNTRIES which are being inundated with third word migrants.

Take NZ for example.Both the main parties have a Jew leading them…they control the political process by pretending to be in opposition to each other….then back it up using Jews in the media….the NZ media is TOTALLY controlled by Jews who make a point of racially excluding Europeans from employment.

Most NZers want third world immigration to be stopped…but you would never guess it from the Jewish run media….this is deliberate.

These Jewish racists are going to destroy the once peaceful country of NZ…it’s already happening…prostitution..drug addiction…you name it.

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