Mike “wingnut” Woods” and the new world order sales pitch.

Michael Woods presents documentaries for the BBC….he wouldn’t be too bad IF he left out the PC ideology..but that’s the problem….he doesn’t.

Of course Woods is another Jew,that goes without saying.

His China documentary goes a little like this….”China was a tolerant society ready to accept and include foreign religions”..blah blah blah….He has a strange permanent sort of a fixed grin…while speaking about x y or z subject….

He is a bit like that presenter (woman) who did a doco on ancient Egypt…who looks a bit like a Barnum&Bailey circus clown….only Mike has ears the same size as a dinner plate.

All this PC bullshit will ultimately harm the BBC’s reputation…once people realise that the BBC simply can no longer present a documentary without it being infused with PC ideology.

There is an additional aspect to all this….currying favour with the Chinese government…after all the Chinese are building a nuke-ular power station in Britain which is a decidedly odd sort of an arrangement….So….are BBC documentaries now being made in cooperation with government Mandarins.. Mandarins in Britain that is.

It could reach a point where EVERYTHING is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness….which is precisely the sort of setup you find in totalitarian countries.

Woods visit to the advanced aeronautics factory in Bingbongjau province central China appeared to have yet another agenda…This industrial complex is researching the possibility of human ear powered flight….Mike was obviously investigating whether he could hover over the Silk Road rather than ¬†laboriously trudging over its endless expanses with his characteristic loping gait….Mike certainly has the right sized lugs to take to the air….they have more than a little in common with Ming dynasty porcelain dinner plates.(rare).

Conclusion…Mike Woods is a BBC died in the wool,fully paid up PC ideologue…unfortunately…

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