Peter ‘itchens the Daily Mails rebellious protesting columnist

Only he is nothing of the sort…he is just another crypto Jew hack employed by the Mail.

The Jewish run British media have just produced a tv program starring Robbie Coltrane the grossly overweight actor.It’s all about media figures who have been unfairly accused of pedophilia.

This allows Jews like Hitchens to call the pedophile inquiry a “witch hunt”.

There were Jews like Hitchens telling the public to lay off Saville….

This tv series is all about mounting pressure to stop anymore investigation of the perversion at the topS

Saville  was “cleared” for publicity and  investigation only because he was dead…which meant that there was absolutely no chance of any “blowback”.

Most likely Hitchens has skeletons rattling around in the closet…like so may of the perverted Jews who inhabit high places in Britain.How could anyone explain how Portillo was hired to front a BBC travel show UNLESS he has contacts in high places Portillo is seriously bent in a number of ways….his trips to Morocco suggest serious involvement in pedophilia….

Obviously Hitchens would be mounting the scaffold should the Jews power over Britain ever be overthrown.

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