Louis Theroux a serious Jewish liar

He’s got a new programme coming up…a new modified programme as it happens….since he has previously undertaken a “documentary” on Jimmy Saville the most depraved man in British history….AND CRYPTO JEW.(Saville is a Jewish surname)

Of course Theroux is a Jew as well…after all he DOES work in the media which is Jewish territory…

The pointer that Theroux is not a bit player in the Jewish control of the media is his “documentaries” on “White Supremacists” in the USA…..Zionist/Jewish propagandists always look to ramping up the threat of White Supremacists….it works two ways..it makes Jews nervy and it ultimately benefits Israel in the process.

Theroux is actually a cunning greasy chancer with a devotion to psychological type claptrap.

Okay what about his documentaries about Saville?.

Sorry but you have to refer to David Icke here…he is very often on the money if you ignore his lizard theories.Icke identified Saville as a gross inhuman pervert YEARS AGO….

IT WAS WIDELY KNOWN THAT THE JEW SAVILLE WAS A VERY SERIOUSLY PERVERTED INDIVIDUAL…when Theroux carried out his first program.It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for Theroux not to have known this…absolutely impossible….yet Theroux purports not to have known anything about it….TOTAL JEWISH BULLSHIT.

His new documentary is based on “what a surprise it all was…why didn’t I recognise this previously” stuff.It is all a pack of lies by Theroux….for to report Saville would have been to break the Jews Omerta code….you never report other Jews to the authorities…plus all the connections Saville had in high places…LIKE THE CRYPTO JEWS…THE WINDSOR FAMILY.

So all this greasiest of specimens is doing is making money from a controversial subject….and make no mistake he will be coining a lot of cash from producing this bullshit.

Jews are renown for their proficiency in lying…and Louis Theroux is a top notch example of it.(pass the extra strength zyklon ASAP)

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