Postscript to the British moth incident.

I had previously mentioned this business on this blog….(moths chewing holes in me jeans in the UK).

Of course this phone is hacked and the blog being monitored by the state.

Okay…once I got back to my my hideout in the woods…I found that ANOTHER pair of Jeans…near new too…had mysteriously developed a number of holes in them.

Well it wasn’t really mysterious at all…obviously someone had cut holes in them.That’ll be the police or SIS flunkies who carried it out…free speech?…not exactly since Levi jeans are quite expensive.

What about the laws governing the country….give me a break…look at the trash in parliament…most of them are there to make up the numbers…they are  on ridiculous amounts of money…they are not going to defend the rights of their electors,now are they.Look at the Jewess Judith Collins for example….trash would be a polite way of describing her.

The police carry a video of me recorded (illegally) in a police station…they also have fingerprints illegally obtained.Would this corrupt Jewess do anything about this….of course not…

Their riding roughshod over citizens supposed rights works,as long as not too many NZers are affected by it.

You can catch them out IF you have loads of Dotcom…otherwise you can forget it.Ultimately what governments in “democracies” respect is force,or the threat of it.

What about the fourth estate?…ya gotta be joking…The media is owned by the very people who interests are threatened by people exerting their supposed rights to free speech.

It is at this point a gun owning populace makes sense…which is why huge efforts are being made in the U.S. to curtail Americans rights on gun ownership….by the elite via their paid up servants like Clinton.


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