The advantage of disguising your identity

Ways back in 2001…The Director General of the BBC,Greg Dyke,described the BBC as “hideously white”…that is the ethnic makeup of the organisation.

The obviously racist comment did create a bit of a backlash…but nothing too serious.The comment quickly disappeared down the memory hole…no worries mate.

So what are the REAL facts here…!.

Greg Dyke is a crypto Jew….like,just for example the American ghoul politician John Kerry.

Thanks to Kerry hiding his true ethnicity (he purported to be a Catholic)he was able to travel to Israel pretending to be a politician representing American interests…while in fact representing Jewish interests…this scam works well until people become familiar with the Jews long held practice of hiding their identity….

So Dirty Dyke and his racist comments is able to get away with it because the British public THINK he is a European making comments about his own ethnicity!….superb scam…up until the time people recognise how the scam works.



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