Daily Mail runs another Windsor billionaires promo.

This one is a pack of nonsense though…they’ve got Charles laying flowers on his grandmother’s grave in Jerusalem…”with special flowers grown in Scotland”….that bit will be a lie for sure.

Then there is all the nonsense about why his granny….who was a complete fruitloop…chose to be buried in Jerusalem….Remember the Windsors ARE ALL CRYPTO JEWS..there is NO doubt on that one at all.

Let’s suppose his Jewish grandmother had been buried in a Jewish  graveyard..this would have raised HUGE questions as to why.So they put the fruitcake in a Christian one.She’s already shifted graveyards once…at the appropriate time they’ll shift her again.

Keep in mind Fruitloop Jr was circumcised by a rabbi.Just as the Jews have taken over in all areas of Britain..so too with the Monarchy…they may have moved in post Henry the eighth.Queen Victoria could not have looked more Jewish….and was a midget….which does not add up from a family having access to the best available food for generations.

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