Just had a visit…

One of the problems of exercising your supposed right to free speech…is you end up being a little paranoid about events.

Keep in mind a little paranoia can be useful protecting yourself….which probably explains why humans have developed this “attribute”.The problems arise when paranoia gets outta control.

My first bout of a fusilade of shots came as a bit of a surprise…but after that…no worries.

Ok I have just had a visit from an official “to check the flat” …he took a number of photographs of the interior.Now very likely this was just a routine inspection…BUT given the shit I have had to endure from the “hidden forces within the government”…The fact,just to name one example,that I was driven out of Tekapo with the customary policeman wielding trespass orders…Oh,I forgot,I got a handful of those in Queenstown too……THEN it is completely understandable you get a little suspicious about “officials”.

All of this shit is just what the average person would have had to contend with in Eastern Bloc countries.Only in NZ we got free speech ain’t we…or so the government would have you believe…and that’s just how they like it…with the police given carte blanche to do as they please…

Including dialing up their mates in the BRITISH police to give you an extra fucking helping…once you arrive there.

A world governed by one authority will inevitably end up as tyranny…because there will be nowhere to hide…


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