Kim “balloon butt” Kardashistein & the Zio-Ghoul.

Both the Kardashians and Karl Lagerfeld are JEWS…but you won’t find that fact mentioned anywhere.

It is therefore no surprise to learn that the freak from the underworld Lagerfeld has expressed a desire to marry his cat.

Question: is the FREAK OF NATURE actually human at all….or just a Jew behaving as you would expect.He has certain things in common with another fucking aberration…Salvador Dali…also a Jew.

It would not be surprising at all to find that Lagerfeld is a Satanist,like Saville, and has murdered children.Keep in mind that the media would never report this…The media knew all about Saville years before he died..AND SAID NOTHING!….

Would the next robbers do the job properly!!….ONLY IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY THE ROBBERY WAS A PUT UP JOB…an insurance scam combined with enormous publicity….well worth the effort.The Jews penetration of the police in France will enable a trouble free successful scam…

Question:Was Ancient Rome eventually taken over by the Jews…like has happened today in Western countries…were the crazed emperors actually Jews.

Did Rome have a emperor in waiting who held conversations with plants…like the Jewish chap Charles “circumcised” Windsor.

Incidently….around a year ago I had some “tailers” showing up in town,but the odd thing was they were very attractive model material women from Europe…I got approaches from two of them….given my “road tramp” appearance this seemed somewhat unusual….it is just possible this was connected,indirectly,to a blog about the black gloved freak Lagerfeld…all speculation of course.


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