Soaps as instruments of Big Brother

There is no doubt at all that Soap Operas are being used to propagandise the proletariat.

There must be a cutoff point where people of X IQ simply won’t even entertain the idea of watching soaps.

NZ has developed a bit of an industry taking tourists to the sites where films have been made.( what morons would want to actually do this?.)

NZ could also do something similar with Shortland Street tourism…where tourists can visit the crime scene of one of the WORST soaps in the OECD…

Shortland Street is so bad it could actually be classified as a comedy.It is absolutely 100% politically correct.

Currently it features a blonde kiwi woman (the Jews producing this garbage seem to like to have blondes in relationships with third world immigrant characters) who gets married to a third world immigrant.

Now one of the characteristics of such soap unions…is the native Kiwi ALWAYS ADAPTS TO THE CULTURAL PRACTICES OF THE IMMIGRANT…so you’ll have the immigrants wedding customs NOT the immigrant adapting to OUR WAY OF LIFE.

So have no doubt…soap operas are being used to push politically correct multiculturalism….is it a coincidence that television is totally controlled by Jews….NO!.

Currently one of the lead characters who plays the head of the hospital…is going on a self destructing booze fest…it is so corny and the acting so bad it is even funnier than NZTV main news bulletins….Obviously the producers of Shortland Street (Jews) should be arrested at the earliest available opportunity…for crimes against good taste.Okay this lead actor has a couple of things in her favour, a pair of very passable “funbags” which bounce around a bit each time she knocks back a career ending shot of gin.

Will her long suffering husband be able to hold it together…find out next week..they might feature a gender reassignment operation…or a lesbian couple where one of them is getting a wedding tackle transplant.Shortland Street…there oughta be a law against it.

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