Censorship by the Guardian…

Most sensible people are now aware that the Guardian routinely censors letters to the editor that it does not approve of.

The Guardian is a Jewish owned and operated propaganda operation.The current editor is a Jewess…as you might expect.

The Truthseeker website has a very good example of  obvious censorship…very obvious.

The internet has thrown a spanner in the works of creative lies and bullshit spun by the zio-media…

The Guardian is currently asking readers to donate money…so that they can continue spinning a web of lies and bullshit…which is a bloody cheek when you think about it.

If you wonder how the truth of the 9/11 attack remains off the pages of newspapers like the Guardian…you only need know one thing…it is run by the Jews…and guess who carried out the attack!.One of the greatest absurdities of the official story was the fireproof terrorists passport that was found…this story has by some accounts been retracted!!….it had to be.While the self collapsing Building Seven story is still going….they couldn’t retract this bullshit without bringing  into question the whole catalogue of lies….The “official story”.


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