Judith collins.national.org.nz

Judith Collins is the Jewess who holds a number of high profile portfolios in the NZ government.


It goes without saying she has only got the job because she is Jewish.

Despite the Jew controlled media portraying her in a good light she is actually corrupt trash…which explains why she resigned a while back.But as is usual with MP resignations in NZ…she was soon back in the job.These resignations are designed to throw the electorate of the track.

Another former corrupt Jewess who resigned is now the mayor of Christchurch….The Jewish network ensures they suffer no penalties.The same network which enabled the son of a Jewish oligarch to get off charges after knocking out a policewoman.(Delegat)

By all means use the above address to contact this Jewess…keep in mind the hidden Jewish elite are using the police to make my life a living hell. I had one of the cunts show up at a bookshop this morning…making the usual stupid comments.(this one was a Jew-cop).

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