New phone new hack

I have a new phone….but this one came ready hacked…which explains why there was a delay in obtaining it.

In the Vodafone shop was a plain clothes cop….”protecting” their “asset” ..I had already figured out…he was their man on the job…

The cop hung around for bloody ages and seemed to have “problems” completing his transaction with Vodafone….what a fucking nonsense.

Currently I have got a complaint lodged with Vodafone but the Vodafone employee will fuck that up….once that happens I will put the name up of the police informer…who is probably breaking a number of laws by divulging customer details….No doubt the individual has been encouraged by the usual array of lies from the police.

Please contact Judith Collins the Jewish MP who is encouraging the police to break the law…..see previous blog.

Do Jews control western countries?’.Of course they do…why do you think Western countries are destroying all the countries surrounding Israel…NZ even has a Jewish traitor installed in parliament…Jerry Brownlee…who makes secret trips to Israel….the fat prick is a former woodwork teacher…and reports from former pupils indicate he was a nasty piece of work….with,what you could call,a cruel streak.

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