The Vice President debate…an unmitigated farce.

Only in dumbed down America could the two cretinous jerks get away with their bullshit.

Both were quick to mention to their devotion to their Christian families…The United States of America is totally 101% controlled and run by Jews.

In the post debate analysis ALL,THAT MEANS all the “analysers” were Jews and that includes a Black journalist who is actually a Jew…like Whoopi Goldberg or Sammy Davis Jr.

Both Hillary Clinton and Trump are JEWS…or more accurately crypto Jews and they’re both crooked as fuck.

Are we witnessing a scene that may have taken place in Ancient Rome where the population was desperate for a good leader but all they got was a series of utterly corrupt scumbags….

How could any Americans believe one word these two immaculately dressed nobodies uttered.Both of them are spineless ciphers there to make up the numbers…and guaranteed not to rock the boat.

Meantime America’s infrastructure continues to rot.In Detroit there are Skyscrapers that from the outside look like they are in use…but are completely empty shells.No mention of this sort of thing is EVER made..

The post debate glad handing was even worse….The wealthy elite putting on a show for the financially stressed out average American…..

Issi came up of course…as was the bogeyman of East Asia North Korea..

NZ is like America…with a Jew at the top and with other Jews in the congress and Senate calling all the shots.

With a house of representatives who don’t give a toss about the fundamentals of democracy….NZ is even getting a taste of U.S. police brutality…only they are not armed….well officially anyway.

The next four years will see Americans more prepared to take up suggested by Thomas Jefferson…once they realise voting is a complete waste of time….


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