A candidate for Guantanamo water torture©(US Govt)

The candidate in question appears on the show hosted by the Jewish moron who fronts the Jimmy Felon show…Jimmy Felon.

Quite what his function on the show is…is a good question.Most likely he is a product of Jewish networking…he knows someone who knows someone.

He is the utter moron who stands behind a podium offering the occasional imbecilic comment which the audience of American dumbed down twats laughs on command to.(most likely there are hidden prompt boards which tells the twats to laugh)

This bespectacled Jew is demanding to be tortured on the grounds that he is a fucking moronic waste of space.

The strange thing is..he has an extraordinary high opinion of himself…which could be cured by several sessions on a water board.

The torture session could be wrapped up with a light application of zyklon,followed by an email to a Palmolive soap factory.

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