Corrupt America..

San Fransisco is built on a faultline…In a non corrupt country there is NO way planning authorities would allow a huge towerblock to be built.

Not in America….developers were given the go ahead to build one…and guess what,because of corrupt building practices..The developers were allowed to erect the building with inadequate foundations…The building is currently tilting two inches..but it is getting worse year by year.

Ultimately average Americans will be paying for this as the super rich sue insurance companies…resulting in increased premiums for Americans.

Still…not quite up to Silverstein corruption with the twin towers…Every day Silverstein the Jew would have breakfast at the Twin Towers….with one crucial exception…The day MOSSAD attacked the WTC.

America is extremely corrupt at the top…and that shouldn’t be a surprise….The Jews are now actively mining America’s wealth….insurance scams are a favourite with Jews at the top.

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