Fleeing a Jewish run police state.

The last time I fled NZ I mentioned to a couple of people..”This time I ain’t comin’ back!”…

Lo and behold…I was back again…The shit I experienced in Britain acted as a good incentive to get the hell outa the place….The reasoning was at least I was familiar with how things work in NZ…plus you don’t want be in Britain during winter if you are short of money….it is a right fucking hell hole…unless you’re rich..

It’s been problems all the way since I returned….mainly police problems…

So what exactly is the problem,after all I’m not an international criminal…actually I’m not even a criminal….at all.Why do I get all the problems?!.

Why does the government hack my phone and interfere with my mail,bug my flat,target me for traffic violations (when my car was working)…it all sounds like harassment…because it is…but it is all driven by POLITICAL MOTIVES…!

The reason is obvious…I don’t buy the Jewish bullshit…and say so.I am being targeted by the Jewish elite…The same elite which can circumvent the judicial system and get a tribe member off a very serious charge of assault of a police officer.

The NZ police are at the Jewish oligarchs beck and call…so I get trouble plenty of trouble….meantime Jewish financial criminals steal hundreds of millions of dollars….no worries.

So I could flee the country again..but the countries belonging to the ECHELON spy network would be off limits…because I would be met by a barrage of shots again….it’s terrorism in reverse…state terrorism against individuals in a fucking democracy…

Let’s say I showed up in Germany…I would get “the treatment” there too!..in FACT I had the mofo’s hanging around there as well and that was over 15 years back!.

In Italy I had an approach by what may have been a couple of spooks…you never quite know.

There was an ex MI6 NZer who got on the wrong side of the cunts (Tomlinson) who wrote a book about it all.At one point they told his landlady that he was a pedophile!’

AND THE CUNTS GET AWAY WITH IT..while maintaining the lie of democracy….political representation.But the mofo’s in parliament only represent vested interests….The people stealing wealth from the country….like Fay Richwhite for example.

Then you have all the media being run by Jews.Once when in London I thought I would give amnesty international a try to see if they could do anything.I met a German woman working there and explained the background…that is expressing doubts about the holocaust story….At which point she became hysterical….I had to leave the building because she was attracting unwanted attention….!..

The Jews have got A.I. well covered don’t you worry about that…after all the outfit was started by two Jews!.

DEMOCRACY?…give me a break…it’s a big Orwellian style charade….and the “big brother” is the Jews.

Word is getting around about that though…right now leftists pose more of a threat than rightists…all such organisations are of course heavily infiltrated by the secret police…like MI5.

Britain is a highly efficient police state…with the “free press” actually an integral part of it all.Remember that when you read another idiotic Daily Mail article about scrambling jets intercepting Russian bombers…the Jews running the Mail have been featuring “scrambling jets” bullshit for DECADES.

Dacre…The editor of the Mail is a crypto Jew…make no mistake about that.

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