Lasher Darkloon…

Slasher Darkmoon is forever showing up on the Truthseeker  website.

Trouble is “she” hides her identity…for good reason.She is a Jewess with an infatuation with Hinduism…and a part time lesbian.Very good reasons to hide your identity if you want to put one over on the goyim.

What’s the bet if a photograph showed up it would not be too dissimilar to a photograph of Golda Mier or Bella Abzug.

The internet is FULL of Jews purporting to be anti-Semitic…and the Truthseeker features a fair selection of them…including the barking mad Les Visible.He is also a fan of Hinduism.

Publicity suggests DarkLoons website is in the top 1% of websites….this has got to be nonsense.

This blog is rapidly increasing in popularity…with its blunt no nonsense approach….which will see it climb the ratings chart once people realise there ain’t no fakery here…which explains why I have been subject to a whole lot of trouble.Another website “judicial” something or other seemed to be subject to the same sort of stuff..with the person running it having trouble with the American police…now closed down.

Strangely Darkloon has none of these problems….!….so there is NO cause for all the secrecy surrounding her identity.

Especially since the Jews will know who she is…you can bet on that.

Darkloon is a FAKE…no doubt about that one.It is just possible she has an association with the CIA the Veterans Today Jewish fakes.

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