Mike Pence..Trumps sidekick

Turns out Pence is a crypto Jew….and very possibly a homosexual…no surprises there then

He certainly looks as though he could be a part time fudgepacker…and it looks like he is.

Which means there’ll be no problems from him…

Why can’t Americans recognise a spineless tosser when they see one?.

Just one look at the cunt during the vice president debate is enough to inform anyone with half a brain…that he is a “yes man”.. a poseur…a fucking fake dressed in a customised suit….

The Jews who control NZ TV have been FLOODING the airwaves with American Jewish made trash television just recently…some channels feature American made trash ONLY.There are “housewives” garbage on virtually EVERY FUCKIN’ CHANNEL!’….

British TV is vastly superior to any trash that comes out of America.

Now here’s an interesting fact…”Maori television” in NZ features some very interesting programmes.From interesting films like “Touching the Void” to a fair number of French films with subtitles…How is it that the cunts on the mainstream channels find it impossible to do the same???!.

The trouble is with Maori TV is you have to dodge constant dancing by Maori groups…this would be like having a constant diet of Morris dancers,bagpipes and Irish pogo dancers on TV…..no thanks all the same.

Actually in France the government there prevents the poisoning of France’s population by restricting the amount of foreign TV  programmes allowed on TV….THE NEW ZEALAND GOVT SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING SIMILAR…by keeping American made mind poison TV to 25%….or something similar.Since global Jewry installed the Jewish banker Key as Prime Minister (he came from nowhere).  NZ TV is going to go from bad to worse….with American TV swamping the airwaves.

The cunts at NZ TV HQ actually tried to remove Coronation Street from programming…DESPITE THE FACT IT WAS HUGELY POPULAR.

If the constant American TV garbage is allowed to continue then,inevitably,NZers are going to be turned in American vegetables…not the stuff  you eat…but rather dumbed downed fucking idiots…like the ones you see in the audience of the Tonite show or Ellen Degenerates show…FUCKING SCREAMING YELLING MORONS.(The host’s of these brain cell destroying shows ARE ALWAYS JEWS.)

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