Piers Morgan…another Jewish trash “journalist” from the Daily Mail.

You won’t read anywhere that Morgan is a Jew….but he sure as hell is!.

He likes at style himself as an unorthodox individual railing at the stupidity of PC.In FACT he is just another Jew in the media and full of BS.

He is cunning too…he calls the Kardashian whore…”a smart warm individual…who is rapidly becoming rather nasty”.

He has got some life advice for the zio-whore…to “reveal her innerself”….

What the Jewish cunt is actually doing is hedging his bets so that he may get an interview with the zio-whore in the future.He was once in a relationship with a Jewess at the Guardian..Martina Hyde.(politically correct)

The weasel Morgan could benefit from a king hit or two…he is part of the Jewish mafia which has a stranglehold on the media.

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