Egyptian mummy to sue BBC

Sir Cliff Richard is hitting back at the BBC…he’s gonna sue ‘im for filming his house etc.

Just one look at Richards and you know for certain he is a wrong ‘un….an undisclosed fudge packet..

Is it coincidence that mummified Cliff is suing the BBC shortly after the “pedophile excuse” series was screened on British TV (starring Robbie Coltrane…who himself is part of the Luvvie set in the media)…

Hey!.. they didn’t make this programme for the hell of it…Meantime in the real world..The BBC did NOTHING to stop Saville…

Richards is a grotesque individual purporting to be heterosexual…anyone with an ounce of commonsense can easily see Cliffy is as bent as a three dollar note.

Richards comes from the era when homosexuality was illegal…fudgepackers had to restrict their deviant behaviour in order not to attract attention…..thus you have all the nonsense about being a christian etc.

Richards actually lives with another homosexual and the media keeps up the whole charade…Richards obviously does not have the powerful connections that kept Saville out of trouble…like connections to the Windsor family.

Britain is heading for social upheaval and sensational stories about two bit celebrities are a very good diversion from gross corruption at the top…like the bankers who fleeced the country…

Already…Mays sidekicks are trying to water down the brexit business…Let’s hope they go too far and finally the British pull finger and hit the streets…starting with the gangsters in MI5….Third world immigration is completely out of hand…and only because of a secret report that was released during the Blair period…is it possible to know for absolute certain that immigration of alien peoples into the country…is a deliberate and calculated policy to change the face of Britain…not one person in Britain Ever voted for that.

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