“Manchester…it’s a dirty City”

These were the words of a soccer player from mainland Europe….

“The streets are dirty,there are homeless people on the streets everywhere and men kissing on the streets…”

Not Ancient Rome…but Manchester in Britain.These unguarded comments are unusual…but most of the top football players are short on brain cells and earning ridiculous amounts of money which prevents them being intimidated by PC.

The amount of money poms pay to get season tickets is absurd…but they pay,even if they can’t afford it.

Britain is a country of gross inequality…somehow the ruling class get away with robbing the average Pom blind.

So how do they do it?….A couple of points worth noting …which may contribute to the successful duping of the populace.

Poms are heavy duty tv watchers…which enables the elite to brainwash the average punter with nonsense….stuff like “British jets have scrambled to intercept Russian bombers” (British jets have been scrambling for fucking decades)….and just incase Poms get funny ideas about media bullshit….The velvet gloves come off the mailed fist…and the British secret police swing into action…The gangsters of MI5…

Britain has had a very active secret police since the days of Shakespeare…

This situation could explain why,once a country goes into decline…there is no stopping it…because,as leaders step forward they are ruthlessly crushed by the vested interests who are causing the decline.

Any average Pom who believes Parker the Jew at the head of MI5 is working in their interests,needs his ‘ead read.

It is NOT in the interests of the average person to flood the country with alien peoples….AND THE ELITE ARE DELIBERATELY ALLOWING IT TO CONTINUE…with the lying Jewish owned and operated media…casting Theresa May as a new broom to sort things out….even if she was a “New broom” agents within the govt would quickly remove her…

The amount of carefully crafted lies emanating from the Daily Mail…on a daily basis…is astounding.

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