Crypto Jews win big in NZ local body elections

You’d never guess it of course,but Jews in NZ sweep the board in mayoral elections.

From the Shyster and flim flam man Phillip Goff (NZ’s biggest city..Auckland) to the half Russian Jew Tim Shadbolt (Invercargill)  to the Mayoress of Christchurch…The Jews have it all sewn up.

This explains why they all March to the same drum on the subject of mass alien third world immigration into NZ.

The Jews own the country….want to know why gambling and prostitution have been legalised against the wishes of the vast majority of NZers…THIS IS YOUR ANSWER.

It’s not real democracy at all…many people in all western countries have realised that democracy is a sham.What democracies now have is a highly organised ethno centric minority…The Jews,calling the shots.

When they start living in their own exclusive suburbs and exclusive schools…it might become a little more obvious…Note…The current Jewish PM of Australia lives in a wealthy Jewish suburb in Sydney…and not by chance…yet there is barely any mention of the fact that he is a Jew…in the media.The Jews control the media in Australia.

Superb scam they’ve got going,but this time they have secured their position by filling western countries with a multitude of competing ethnicities…making it very difficult to restore democracy.

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