Orwellian broadcasting with the BBC

In an episode of the series “Our Zoo” set in the pre WW2 years….a delivery driver arrives at a house set in the country.The odd thing about the scene is the driver is black.

Black immigrants in Britain at this time were very rare,especially ones speaking with a regional accent.

Now what would happen if you contacted the BBC about this glaring historical inaccuracy?.

The response would be..”actually there were black people living in Britain at this time…and WHY are you raising this point ….your enquiry is obviously racist..”…etc etc.

What the BBC is doing is actually a watered down version of “he who controls the present controls the past”..

The BBC is rewriting the past to suit the present…THAT is quite obvious…and the cunts get away with it…because it really is not that important…what happens when they start with this bullshit on important matters…The populace is going to have to be dumbed down further for the cunts to try that one on.

Political Correctness is making inroads into many BBC productions…INCLUDING actual history documentaries.

Michael “smiley” Woods seems to be a master of the art of subtle PC propaganda….Mad Mike is of course part of the Notting Hill Quasi Commie set…his interesting China doco is a masterful exercise in interweaving a doco with a subtext….Mike does it all with a cheery smile….though which makes it more palatable.

He seems to be very interested in promoting “China invented it first” stuff …like magnetic compasses.So far he has not mentioned Water Torture…”Hundreds of years before Guantanamo”.  OR…”.China invented hovered flight centuries before the BBC reporter Michael Woods ever took to the air using rapidly flapping ear power alone”.

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