Trump savaged by enraged sheep

The problem with dynasties is…The first member of the dynasty is usually highly capable,but from there on in its all down hill.

You can see this sorta stuff in history…for example in Ancient Egypt.

Thus it is no surprise to find this happening in the USA.The first Bush was a fighter pilot in WW2.. (incidently the Bush family are ALL JEWS…no doubt at all about that)…Bush number one had all the right credentials to be a leader..then the next Bush to show up was a piss head and verging on idiot level.

The next Bush Jeb is a dandyfied wimp so removed from the real world that the thought of him piloting a fighter plane would be laughable.

He thought that appealing to Americans “common decency” by saying he won’t support Trump would work..infact it backfired…and he was out of the race.He did not consider this would happen because he is completely removed from the hardship facing many Americans.His self satisfied holier than thou appearance actually invites Americans to deck the cunt with a well aimed punch.

Imagine a highly pissed off sheep savaging Trump….most sensible people will laugh at the thought….

Incidently there is an American politician named “crapo” which could not be more appropriate when you think about it.

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