Daniel Craigstein…James Bond

Craig has starred in so many holocau$t propaganda films…that it is obvious..he has connections to Israeli circles…and will probably be the reason he got the job playing James Bond.

And he is a poor actor…in the acting business it’s…who you know that counts.The “profession” is totally dominated by Jews…so obviously racism is alive and well in this game…Jewish racism.

Unfortunately most people watching Craig’s awful propaganda films will not make any connection to the sheer hypocrisy of it all.While Jews are portraying themselves as long suffering victims in the movies…they are actively persecuting people in Israel…their last attack killing over two thousand Palestinians!…..who are portrayed by the Jews who control the Wests media…as terrorists!…for resisting their persecutors.

Behind closed doors…you can just imagine what Craig talks about…hatred for the goyim….The same sort of hate which results in maniac Jews spitting on Christians in Israel.No wonder Jews like Craig are often referred to as the enemy within.

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