London crypto Jew gets knight’ood

Although regularly described as Scottish, Rod Stoowart the pensioner popstar was actually born in Norf London…Norf London is a wealthy area of London populated by wealthy Jews…which makes sense,since Rod Stewart is a is his wife Penny Lancaster…

Strange you won’t read about this in the Daily Mail…or anywhere else for that matter.The blonde hair will throw most people off the track…but rest assured..Rockin’ Rodney is as Jewish as David Cameron (descended from Jewish bankers with connections to the slave trade)

Luckily weird situations like this have been previously noted…that is Jews showing up in churches and gettin’ ‘itched….15th century Spain had all this stuff well documented…so the term “conspiracy theory” cannot be imposed on people who suggest Jews deliberately disguise their ethnicity.

Things take a turn for the worse…when Jews set themselves up as religious figures…of other people’s religions….like has happened with the Monarchy in Britain.So the Windsors habit of breaking glasses (not spectacles) begins to make sense….when they have a wedding…after all this is a common practice at Jewish weddings!!.

Is it any wonder the Spanish got highly pissed off about Jews masquerading as Catholics…

Okay…now check the surname Franco…The name of the Spanish dictator….The Jewish fiends were running both sides of this terrible conflict….which not surprisingly resulted in the deaths of thousands of Catholic clergy….

“Good old rockin’ Rod”…No…not at all…he has the reputation of being one of the meanest pop stars in the world,only matched by the crypto Jew Mick Jagger….So how did they end up with the awards..?.Like the farcical Nobel Peace is a way of the elite to award their mates with worthless baubles.(they’ll meet these obscenely wealthy Jewish pop stars at high society parties).

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