Jewish pop star blubs at Calais jungle.

Lily Allen is a fairly well known pop star…

She’s just been visiting an invaders camp in Calais…but it was so upsetting for the midget Jewess…she was moved to tears.Some  people have questioned the authenticity of the waterworks though.

Would she shed bucket loads of tears for the thousands of children that have been killed by the Jews in Palestine over the last 40 years…??.

He’ll No!!…far too risky,there would be a very good possibility that her pop career would come to a grinding halt if she did.If anyone knows what’s happens to people who cross the Jews…these Jewish luvvies do…Vanessa Redgrave (a Jewess incase you ain’t figured it out)…found out about that…her career imploded until she was partially rehabilitated…after sufficient groveling.

So the mini Jewess Allen’s motives are suspect….her visit to the invasion camp certainly won’t do her any harm amongst the leftists in Britain…they’ll buy her next album as a message of solidarity with Allen.

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