Justin Bieberstein shows up at Norf Londin skool.

According to the Jewish edited Daily Mail..good old Justin showed up at Highgate Skool in Norf Londin to give the pupils a surprise.The Daily Mail says Biebersteen is worf 165,000,000 dollars..so showing up at this school shows what a good guy he is…mixing with ordinary school kids..

BUT…as is usual with the Daily Mail it has missed out some crucial detail…crucial Jewish detail.Paul Dacre the editor of the Mail is a Jew of course,like all the editor’s of major British newspapers…or more accurately,a crypto Jew…since you’ll find no mention of his ethnicity in the media…which is hardly surprising,since “the media” is run by Jews..lock stock and barrel.

So Dustbin Bieberstein did not choose a random skool to visit…he chose a school with a predominately Jewish “flavour”…because Bieber is himself a Jew…and a little cunt to boot.Most of the pupils at this school will be non religious Jews…and quite possibly,most of the teaching staff.

Put it like this…you have visible Jews like the weirdos who wear undertakers uniforms and look like Carrion Crows…AND you have non religious Jews who are only identifiable by top notch antisemites…who know what’s what.

In summary…Bieberstein visit to this skool only happened as a result of Jewish networking…but most people will be unaware of what is REALLY taking place.

Jews are THE most racist people on the planet….while they successfully smear Europeans as racists.The Spanish eventually figured it out…but it took them several hundred years to do so…part of the reason Jews were thrown out of Spain was…they pissed off the Muslims they were living amongst..in places like Granada…so the Jews switched sides….it’s too boring to recount all the rest of it.

Obviously a capable leader…would be setting a boutique range of Biebersteen lampshades at your local lighting shop…although Biebers grotesque tattoos would interfere with light transmission…ideal for a badly lit drug den though.

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