Alex Jones enters the president debacle

Alex Jones is a Jew…or crypto Jew since he keeps this fact under wraps.

Jones reckons Obama and Clinton “smell of sulphur”….it’s all nonsense of course.

Jones follows Lenins dictat…”The best way to control your opposition is to run it”.

By doing so you can control the narrative.According to Jones..The U.S. government “did 9/11”.

This is what is called a “limited hangout”.You partially admit certain facts but hide the crime by doing so.

In fact Israel did 9/11 in conjunction with powerful Jews in the U.S. government….(see the attack on the USS Liberty…by Israel.This was an attempted false flag…an unsuccessful one,unlike 9/11.)

One of the kikes more ridiculous statements was “Arabs own Hollywood”

So the dirty Kike deliberately makes absurd comments in order to cast doubt on LEGITIMATE COMMENT ON THE ABSURDITY OF THE OFFICIAL STORY OF 9/11.

The MORON Obama was filmed making jokes about him smelling of sulphur…followed by linking Jones with Trump….

Sorry all three of them are Jews.Trump,Clinton and the fucking kike Jones.It’s all a big act…pure vaudeville.

…and if Americans think voting for either Trump or Clinton will make any difference…they’ll find out in four years time they have made a mistake.

It is entirely possible the world will have been set alight AGAIN by global Jews Incorporated by the time the next election rolls around.

When Israel invades and occupies neighbouring countries,maybe,just maybe SOME people will figure out they have been duped.

(World War One….Zionist Jewry lays the foundations for the establishment of Israel…using troops from Australia,Britain etc….illegal Jewish immigrants pour into Palestine etc.Turkish influence is removed from Palestine.

World War Two….The Rothschilds pour money into Palestine..etc etc. 1948 ..The state of Israel is founded…crypto Jews embedded in powerful positions in the British and American facilitate it all.Although Stalin is described as “anti-Semitic”..The Soviet Union was one of the FIRST nations to recognise the new state….Stalin was in fact one of those crypto Jews.

Although Putin is described by Clinton as the new Hitler…Putin is in fact another crypto Jew….

Not ALL rednecks in the US believe what Kike Jones says….thanks to the internet…there are numbers who are infact aware he is just another Jewish bullshitter.But Jones can be employed as a bogeyman by the Jewish MSM….”an example of the moronic right wing thugs who are destroying America”…

As mentioned…The whole thing is a charade…any legitimate opposition to the Jewish domination of the U.S….is quickly silenced or smeared,or preferably,never mentioned.

The “Alex Jones boutique range of soap” from Palmolive…NOW THAT sounds more like the ticket…The kike sure is fat enough for it.

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