NZ zio media are at it again…”House prices are skyrocketing”

If house prices ARE skyrocketing…The question to ask is…what is the cause of it….obviously there is a shortage of housing…supply and demand…

Next question is…why is there a housing shortage….especially when house builders are going flat out to build new housing.

The answer to all this is BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS…

Third world immigrants are POURING into NZ in unprecedented numbers…they need to be housed…a housing shortage is the result…prices skyrocket….


Next question…The Jewish controlled media and government have a secret agenda to change the face of NZ…In fact this very same agenda was exposed in Britain by the release of a secret report stating this objective…

The Jewish oligarchy in both countries have exactly the same agenda and it is NOT confined to these two countries…The attack on identity is taking place IN ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES WHERE THE JEWS HAVE TOTAL CONTROL.

Obviously the Jewish dominated governments don’t want these facts to be known by the General population..because there could be a backlash…thus you get Jewish political reporter’s…not reporting.Jews like Katy Bradford…daughter of a marxist/jewish clique/harridan which,surprising as it may seem works hand in hand with the Jewish capitalist oligarchy.(One member of this oligarchy in NZ…recently subverted the NZ judicial system by getting his offspring off very serious assault charges involving a policewoman knocked unconscious….99% of NZ citizens would have been jailed for this…NOT THE REMAINING JEWISH 1% HOWEVER!.).

At first glance it may seem that Australia has more corruption than NZ…after all there have been plenty of examples involving court cases in Australia….

In actual fact this is misleading BECAUSE CASES OF CORRUPTION INVOLVING BIG PLAYERS NEVER MAKE IT TO THE COURT ROOM IN NZ…which in itself demonstrates the level of corruption in high places in NZ.

How else would you explain Fay and Richwhite making off with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF NZ TAXPAYERS MONEY…then subsequently let off by the payment of a paltry 20 million dollars.

In NZ big corporations have a free for all knowing full well they are never going to be monitored and held to account by the NZ government.Vodafone for example have been in court rooms in many countries around the world..NOT in NZ….is it any wonder Vodafone NZ charges some of the highest rates in the world…

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