The Nobel Prize..what a farce.

Awarding Obama the Peace Prize was almost,but not quite,the final nail in the coffin as far as the reputation of the prize goes..

A hugely wealthy crooning Jew named Zimmerman who changed his name to Dylan has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The fact that he is a mega rich Jew with connections to the Jewish ruling class…The one entirely relevant.Dylan was known for his plagiarism and his inability to sing in tune.

The same Jews awarded Menachim Begin the Peace Prize….Begin was an insane butcher involved in a number of massacres of Palestinians whose land had been invaded by Jews.

Obviously the Jews have now gained control over the committee’s which determine who gets the prize…this is their usual Modus Operandi.After this happens its all over bar the shouting.

Keep in mind that two of Britain’s top artists are Both Jews…one put half an animal in a tank of preservative,the others “great work of art” featured an unmade bed.The important point to note here is….there is a very wealthy Jew determining the winners.”who just happen to be Jews as well”.(Saatchi).

Currently it seems impossible the Jewish elite will be overthrown….and Dylans will continue to make a mockery of every institution…The process started in earnest when the Jew Picasso was lauded for his artistic achievements…

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