Corruption crackdown in Britain!

According to the Guardian Theresa Mays government is going to launch a crackdown on corruption in high places early next year.

Note Margaret Thatchler lived in a 12 million quid house…but it was owned by an investment outfit in the British Virgin Islands!

London is awash with is so corrupt that mention of the endemic corruption is even made in the main stream media…which usually caters to the ruling elite.

But the corruption does not stop at financial corruption.In Britain there is wholesale corruption of immigration laws….Note.The previous Chancellor of the Ex Chequer is a known drug taker…cocaine being the drug of choice.

There is also corruption of the political system itself…with the hired thugs and gangsters,MI5 deliberately targeting legitimate political parties with a nationalist leaning….simply because nationalist parties are a direct threat to the comfortable “controlled corruption” that exists in Britain…

It will be a bit of a laugh early next year when “vested interests” have so watered down the legislation that it goes no where….Meantime in the real world there will be tens of thousands of new invaders in Britain after crossing the channel from France….some of whom will have been rescued by the British navy ON ORDERS FROM THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT!.

All these events tell any sensible person that Britain is facing very serious problems….VERY…and they have all been caused by rotten governance..elected governments that refuse to represent their nation’s voters.

While the Jewish run media constantly promotes multiculturalism…and attempts to portray anyone who objects as racist and “xenophobic”.

Essentially it is the elite vs the majority…You are then left with the conclusion that nothing short of some sort of revolution is going to change anything….change is impossible by voting because vested interests are always going to stop it…..Once again the American founders of the U.S. constitution had the foresight to realise that,at a certain point only an armed populace can control  governments riddled with corruption…otherwise they’ll go on being corrupt until a country is ruined.

Here’s what is going to make the inevitable blow up ten times worse…The corrupt government filling Britain up with HUNDREDS of different ethnicities..none of whom have any loyalty to Britain as a country….

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