The Daily Mail goads its readers

Some of the lousiest cunts in Britain actually work at the Daily Mail…and most of them are Jews….including the editor DACRE.

Actually even Daily Mail employees regard Dacre as a cunt…it gets worse,the Jew Dacre actually calls his own employees “cunts” to their faces.But none of the mofo’s take him to court because they’ll get blacklisted by the Jews who own Britain’s media…(Dacre is claiming EU subsidies via a massive forestry scam)

The Daily Mail is WORSE than the Guardian because of its duplicity…it purports to be for the average Pom but it’s all a big act….Infact it presents the same bullshit as the Guardian…BUT deceives its readers into thinking it is an independent voice.

The only “independent voice” in the media in London,is Private Eye magazine.

The Jews at the Mail like to antagonize readers with lurid stories…but the point to note is….The Mail couldn’t give a shit about anything…at all…except selling the wretched rag….

Readers should realise that any letter to the editor in the comments section WILL BE MONITORED BY THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE…MI5….they want to know what readers views are ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE A NATIONALIST ORIENTATION…almost certainly MI5 will have their “stringers” working on the staff of the newspaper.

Britain is an Orwellian country…perhaps one of THE most advanced in the world.CCTV EVERYWHERE…a media which lies and manipulates CONSTANTLY…etc etc.

Two points for a successful revolution in Britain….1)Destroy the secret police HQ 2) Launch a raid on Big Brothers Propaganda Unit…The Daily Mail ..grab the Jewish editor Dacre and post him to your nearest lampshade factory…..for processing.

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