Rich Australian Jewess experiences house invasion

Amanda Kerr’s  HUGE mansion in California is invaded by homeless person.(there are hundreds of thousands of them in the U.S.)

Amanda is in a relationship with another Jew (of course) by the name of Spiegel.

There IS a connection here to the state of America today.That is the 1% sucking all the money up so that they may live in luxury while the 99% scrabble to make ends meet….

As is usual the Daily Mail sensationalized the story by headlining it with “security man stabbed in the eye”…which (of course) is a lie…Turned out he got some scratches.

These events will become progressively more common as destitute Americans decide it might be worth it to rob the filthy rich…even if they are caught..they’ll be able to get a regular meal in jail and health care…even if American prisons are barbaric places (except if you are a very rich criminal…where you get sent to holiday prison camps).


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