A typical discussion group on immigration in NZ.(q and a)

The TV host is a Jew and two out of three of the panel doing the discussing are JEWS.(The “goy” is an obliging PC liberal…Jews absolutely love idiots like this)

So the people attempting to shape NZers opinions on immigration are from a small highly organised ethnic group..THE JEWS.

This is the pattern in all Western countries….and it WILL lead to the collapse of Western civilisation….that’s a certainty.

At this  point Jews will up and leave and eye up China and Japan as a place to prey on…keep in mind,by this time the state of Israel will be greatly enlarged…and the Jews will claim they are acting in self defence….usual lies of course.

The Jews invasion and occupation of surrounding countries will be preceded by the deliberate collapse of the financial system…then chaos…then WAR.

So how do Jews get away with their racism…basically JEWS in western countries have an appearance similar to Europeans….so they masquerade as Europeans.Then you’ll have Jews making accusations of “white racism”…AND THE TRICK WORKS…because of the similarity in appearance.People assume that the TV commentator is making adverse criticism of his own ethnic group!!’…and thus the Jews get away with it.

A practised eye can identify most Jews immediately….as JEWS do amongst themselves.

The host of the TV show Q&A is your typical arrogant Jew who regularly raises the subject of “white racism”.This is a strategy commonly employed by Jews…and the American professor Dr Kevin MacDonald covers this in a number of his books.

It goes without saying that while this Jew decries “white racism”…he is very careful to marry a Jewess!.

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