Immigration hits the headlines in NZ

And nieve NZers will think that “at last the NZ govt is going to listen to the voters”

Let me tell you something…NOTHING,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL CHANGE.The third world will continue to pour into NZ both legally and illegally.

How do I know this…you only have to look at Britain and France to know this.

This stuff was going on even under Thatcher….with assurances then of controlling immigration…it only got ten times WORSE!’

The same ethnic group..The JEWS..which controls the British government…ALSO CONTROLS THE MEDIA….The Jewish controlled media CONSTANTLY MISLEADS THE POPULATION on the subject…by design.

Sorry NZers are going to have to consider taking out important Jews in order to restore democracy in NZ….otherwise these people will continue to implement their plan…to change the face of Western Christian nations.

It is NOT A coincidence that BOTH Australia and New Zealand have massively rich multimillionaire Jews as Prime Ministers…DUH!…They were installed by Global Jewry….International Jewry kindly provide the candidates you can vote for….

It is NOT A coincidence that Australia and New Zealand SAS troops are being deployed in the Middle East…it is better they are maimed and killed fighting the Jews wars rather than Jews doing their own dirty work.



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