2012 vs 2016 presidential debate..spot the diffrence

The Jewish controlled U.S. media has kindly provided something extra for the debaters….noticed it yet?.

Yes that’s right…they have provided stools for the “contestants” ….why?.

That’s obvious…..The crypto Jewess Hillary Clinton is unable to stand up for more than a few minutes at a time.Her entrance onto the stage requires great concentration on her part to make it look normal.

This is the sort of stuff you would find in a corrupt dynasty nearing its end…because in an healthy civilisation people would demand a competent leader.(keep in mind Roosevelt led the U.S. during most of WW2…but in those days people were far less informed…he was in a wheelchair….expect the U.S. zio-media to make comparisons with Roosevelt after Clinton is installed as leader….as an excuse when it becomes obvious she is physically handicapped.Both Roosevelt and Clinton were/ are Jews…although you get plenty of disinformation about Roosevelt on this one….Roosevelt was replaced by Truman…and in his case it was much easier to identify him as a crypto Jew.)

Essentially Kennedy was assassinated because he was NOT a Jew…The best president America has had in at least the last hundred years….assassinated by the Jews.He was replaced by Johnson who was a Jew….WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

Unless Trump (also a Jew) releases some stunning game changing information about Clinton at the last debate…it’s all over…Clinton will finish her term in office driving around the corridors of power…in a mobility scooter..directing a new major war from the driving seat.

Obviously the Jews who rule the U.S. need to be overthrown…like the Chinese did to the Mongols who had taken over their country…the method employed by th Jews to “takeover” comes from within,unlike the Mongols version


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